Humax Mobility Establishes 161 Electric Vehicle Chargers at IKEA Korea

Turu Charger, a CPO brand operated by Humax Mobility in South Korea, encompasses the entire value chain associated with electric vehicle (EV) charging, including the development, manufacturing, and supply of EV chargers, as well as the construction and operation of charging service infrastructure. This collaboration with IKEA Korea supports the promotion of EV adoption by fostering a sustainable and eco-friendly mobility ecosystem.

Through this partnership, both companies aspire to lead in the creation of practical and eco-friendly infrastructure, providing convenient EV charging environments not only for delivery trucks but also for customers visiting all IKEA Korea stores.

The Turu Charger units installed at IKEA Korea stores are second-generation models designed for the global EV charger market. Leveraging Humax’s extensive experience in the global set-top box market, these chargers feature in-house designed boards and power meters. By internalising key components, Turu Charger has achieved a more compact profile both internally and externally, and has reduced defect rates through advanced power electronics technology, ensuring a more convenient and safer charging experience.

The Turu Charger installations at IKEA Korea include:

  • Gwangmyeong Store: 43 chargers (3 rapid, 40 slow)
  • Goyang Store: 52 chargers (4 rapid, 48 slow)
  • Giheung Store: 37 chargers (6 rapid, 31 slow)
  • Dongbusan Store: 29 chargers (4 rapid, 25 slow)

Tae Hun Kim, CEO of Humax Mobility, stated, “We are pioneering the creation of a sustainable EV charging environment with IKEA Korea by providing eco-friendly values and safe EV chargers. We will continue our efforts to expand the Turu Charger EV charging infrastructure in commercial and public facilities nationwide, striving relentlessly for sustainable eco-friendliness.”

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