Humax enters UK EV charging market with launch of ECORD 7.4kW Home Charger | HUMAX-United Kingdom

  • First Humax electric vehicle charger introduced in the UK
  • Designed for easy installation and use at residential properties
  • Available with a 4m or 7m Type 2 Cable
  • Controlled by Humax ECORD Mobile App
  • OZEV Grant approved for reduced installation cost
  • Backed by trusted global Humax organisation with support through dedicated installation and service partner

March 6, 2024 – Humax has entered the EV charging market for the first time in the UK. Best known for its digital TV recorders and smart home devices, South Korea-based Humax has a 35-year heritage in manufacturing and the automotive mobility sector, with an extensive portfolio covering smart parking, fleet management, shared mobility and electric vehicle charging – serving a global customer base.

The company is now extending its smart EV charging solutions into Europe with an initial launch in the UK*, backed by a comprehensive customer support infrastructure.

The first product to be announced is the Humax ECORD 7.4kW Home Charger. Designed for easy installation, either wall mounted or on a pedestal, the EV charger is constructed for durability and combines a subtle and sleek form factor with simple operation. Charging sessions can be controlled manually or via the Humax ECORD Mobile App.

Installation and support will be provided by a dedicated partner – to be announced later this month – who will deliver a seamless survey, installation and post installation support service to Humax customers across the UK*. Clients buying a Humax ECORD charger will be able to select a home installation service as part of the online purchasing journey on the Humax ECORD website.

Straightforward to operate, users can register their device using a QR code and complete set-up using the Humax ECORD Mobile App. Charging can be activated using the RFID card swipe, plug and play or via the app. The status of the charging session is clearly shown on the front LED indicator and in the app.

Energy consumption costs can be reduced by setting a preferred charging schedule. The Humax ECORD app will learn the driver’s usage patterns and track their charging history. If the charger has more than one user, multiple profiles can be created in the app, allowing them to share usage history and be notified when the charge point is ready.

The Humax ECORD is also solar compatible, allowing excess solar energy from home PV systems to charge the owner’s vehicle. ‘Solar’ mode allows owners to charge only from electric generated from their PV panels, whereas ‘Solar and Grid’ mode enables users to make the most of any solar energy, while topping up from the grid to ensure the vehicle is fully charged when needed.

Furthermore, the ECORD charger comes with a pre-set feature for charging outside peak hours (8am to 11am, 4pm to 10pm weekdays), enabling owners to achieve better supply balance while benefitting from lower energy rates. ECORD is also OZEV approved, allowing UK customers to apply for a £350 grant towards installation, where applicable.

Jeff Kim, president of Humax, commented, “Humax is recognised for its manufacturing heritage, its reliability and strong customer service across a wide range of sectors from TV devices to mobility solutions. The ECORD 7.4kW Home Charger is the first model in our EV charging series, confirming our commitment to sustainability and the smart home ecosystem. The EV charger range will be supported by a dedicated team of Humax customer service professionals, with a smooth installation process and outstanding post-purchase care assured by our trusted service partner.”

Constructed for longevity, the Humax ECORD 7.4kW Home Charger features a water- and dust-proof housing (IP65 rated), and meets all required safety standards with built-in PEN fault protection. RFID technology prevents unauthorised access and use, while integrated current detection helps save energy costs if a DC fault is detected.

The charger incorporates Wi-Fi and Ethernet connectivity and is equipped with a universal Type 2 tethered cable (4m and 7m options available). Firmware upgrades are automatically run over Wi-Fi or Ethernet, so the charger remains up-to-date at all times. The product comes with a three-year manufacturer’s warranty.

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Pricing and availability

The Humax ECORD 7.4kW Home Charger will be available from 28th March 2024, with a suggested retail price of £599 (4m) and £649 (7m) including VAT.

More Humax EV charger models will be announced over the coming months.

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