HUMAX Announces Strategic Partnership with HeyCharge to Build Revolutionary EV Charging Products

HUMAX, a leader in innovative technology solutions, has announced a strategic partnership with HeyCharge to develop next-generation electric vehicle (EV) charging stations. This collaboration aims to address the growing need for convenient and cost-effective EV charging solutions, particularly in urban multi-family homes and office buildings where reliable charging infrastructure has been lacking.

As electric cars become more prevalent in Europe, with 80 percent of charging occurring at home or work, the demand for accessible charging options in parking garages and indoor environments is crucial. While single-family homes have seen improvements in the availability of EV charging infrastructure, urban residents in multi-family homes face challenges due to high hardware costs and complex installations. The partnership between HUMAX and HeyCharge aims to bridge that gap, while also benefiting fleet and employee vehicle charging in office buildings.

HUMAX and HeyCharge will combine their expertise to create innovative AC charging hardware designed for mass-market appeal. HUMAX will leverage its extensive experience in manufacturing cost-effective electronic products and its international sales network. HeyCharge will contribute its proprietary offline technology for underground garages and its integrated billing software. This technology will be seamlessly integrated into the charging stations without the need for retrofitting.

“The charging segment presents significant opportunities in our international expansion strategy. The right solution has immense scaling potential for HUMAX in Germany and Europe,” said Jeff Kim, President of HUMAX. “Partnering with HeyCharge allows us to develop a unique, mass-market product for this rapidly growing market. We aim to market over 100,000 charging points, focusing on substantial reductions in total operating costs for our customers.”

Chris Cardé, CEO of HeyCharge, expressed his enthusiasm about the partnership:: “We are thrilled to collaborate with HUMAX. Together, we will deliver an industry-leading solution combining exceptional user experience with the lowest possible cost. Our goal is to revolutionize charging in areas with poor internet connectivity, such as underground garages, by integrating our SecureCharge ‘no-internet’ EV charging management platform into HUMAX’s hardware and services.”

Robert Lasowski, Chief Business Development Officer at HeyCharge, highlighted the market potential: “We see a potential for over ten million charging stations in Germany alone. The key to success is rapid scaling and cost efficiency. Together with HUMAX, we expect to significantly expand our market share.”

The partnership aims to reduce the total operating costs (TCO) of charging infrastructure by up to 50 percent compared to traditional solutions. The combined hardware and software package, along with integrated billing functionality, offers a comprehensive solution for property owners and charging infrastructure operators.

The new cost-efficient EV Charger is expected to be available in the first quarter of 2025.

Founded in 1989, HUMAX is a global leader in innovative technology solutions for Smart Home, Connectivity, and Mobility. The company specializes in all-in-one fleet management systems and EV charging technology for both private and commercial use. HUMAX’s product range includes a mobility services platform, device and hub platform, parking services, and intelligent building solutions. HUMAX products are sold in over 90 countries, known for their innovation, quality, and user-friendliness. For more information, visit

About HeyCharge
HeyCharge is an EV charging technology company offering a platform for operating EV chargers without internet access. This technology is ideal for low-connectivity environments, such as underground garages. HeyCharge operates EV charging installations powered by its innovative technology in underground parking garages throughout Germany, and provides turnkey and white label solutions through partners globally.

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